In the shadow of dreams

It’s true. I admit it here, and with fervor. I am not living up to my potential. The life that I though that I would be living is not the life that I am living.

I am not self sustained on the gifts that I have been given. I am not making the most of my natural aptitudes, I am scraping by. It used to be enough. It is no longer enough.

I am meant to do more, be more, give more. This hole that I am in, that I have created, is covered in the shadow of my dreams. I have been so scared, for so long to crawl out of it, and to be in full light. Full light is what I need to grow and I do myself no favors to shy away any longer. Failure is no worse than half life.

Tears over what my road is are wasted, it is just time to start walking. Being overwhelmed is an excuse. Even the heavily burdened can take one step.

I am not afraid of one step.

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