I’ve been tearing through Seven Wicked Nights, as promised, so expect plenty of reviews from that boxed-set in the next few days. I decided to start off with a new-to-me author, Carolyn Jewel, who writes both historical and paranormal romance.

One Starlit Night is ROMANTIC ANGST at its absolute best. First loves Portia Temple and Crispin Hope, Viscount Northwood, are reunited after 10 years when Crispin shows up for a visit. Spurred into action at the news that Portia is about to marry, Crispin is back to…well…he really isn’t sure why he’s back, but upon seeing Portia it’s clear that there is still some BUSINESS between them. The shaky friendship they’ve built via correspondence for the past decade has done nothing to quell his want for this woman, or her want for him. What follows is a deeply emotional and fantastically sexy reunion that will rip your heart out of your chest, dance around on it for a while, then slam in back in for a sudden finish.

Clearly, I am a fan.

Grand reconciliations only work if there’s something pretty damn big to overcome and love is still hanging on, however misguided and painful. Jewel does a masterful job bringing erstwhile lovers back together and letting their love, lust, and heartache simmer just below the surface until you just can’t take it anymore. Thankfully, it’s a novella, so you don’t have to wait too long.  What Crispin and Portia have been through together is real, folks (no misunderstandings or petty jealousies) and it makes this abbreviated romance that much more amazing.

Read it. Love it. Read it again.

Rating: A+
If you like your romances powerful, full of angst, and with heroes/heroines on the more mature side (for regency romance), One Starlit Night will make you stay up reading long past the point when you swore you’d put it down. It’s a wonderfully moving second-chance romance.

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