Starbucks should have a cancer warning

A judge decided that Starbucks and any other coffee will need to have a cancer warning. Scientists haven`t verdict if coffee is good or bad for you, but a California judge has and he stated that all of the coffee sellers in the state will need to post cancer warnings on their products.

A chemical produced in the bean roasting process it is a known carcinogen. The Council for Education and Research want the coffee industry to remove acrylamide from its processing and if this item is used in the making of the coffee, it should have some warning signs or labels. Studies aren`t that conclusive because some of them state that coffee is good for you and some say the contrary.

The suit in California was brought against Starbucks and 90 other companies. The Safe Drinking Water and the Toxic Enforcement Act requires some waring labels to be added to the products that contain a lot of chemicals. If there is a failure in providing these warnings, private citizens, attorneys or even advocacy groups can sue the company that doesn`t warn them about the dangers of consuming their products. The scientific evidence on coffee has gone back and forth.

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