Sweetness and light

I know, I need to lighten the hell up around here. I’ve done that for my friend Dawn. Go visit and say hello, won’t you?

But the truth is, friends, I am going through it.

News from the neuro is, not terrible. I am a “classic migraineur”. Seriously, is that a word? But apparently while am classic, I am also severe. In case, you know, I didn’t know that. I like this doctor, as he’s given me some natural alternatives as well as medication to combat the headaches when they hit. Which, thankfully, are no longer daily. Amen.

So, tell me, why would my sugabetes choose to act the fuck up, right now? I have been vigilant this week and my fasting sugars are OUTRAGEOUS. Like RuPaul, or Ron Paul, for that matter.

Fucking hell! High sugars suck the energy right out of me (sugar high, my ass) and make it pretty impossible to do the things I need to do to get them down. Like racquetball, or walking or speaking in complete sentences. I get emotional, easily overwhelmed and just a tad bit crazy.

I am trying not to be frustrated, I am trying to be sweetness and light. At least I have the sweetness part down.

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