When one’s butt is bigger than one’s pants

Witty repartee aside, having a big ass is a difficult thing to contend with. Period.

Having a big ass is an especially egregious offense when inbetween sizes and in the process of making one’s ass smaller, but still sitting squarely in the camp of bah-BAM! This is in no way a slam on small bootied girls, and in no way a social commentary on our standards of beauty.

I don’t want the world to change for me. I want pants that fit.

If I were sporting about 6 inches fewer in height, I would be the perfect shape for the pants that people are bound and determined to sell to me. Pants that ride so far up in the rise, that I sport a camel toe that can be seen from space. Pants that hit me at the ankle. Pants that are so enormous in my waist that I can smuggle a few spare potatoes in case I dive into a case of low low blood sugar. All while being teensy in places where I need them to be, well, not so teensy.

While I begrudge the perfectly proportioned of us absolutely nothing , can’t a chunky girl get some love? A pair of pants that don’t look like someone trying to stuff a sausage into a lipstick tube?

Seriously, designers, help a sistah out.

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